The Krissy Krash Podcast

Addiction or Creation

July 18, 2022 Season 1 Episode 50
The Krissy Krash Podcast
Addiction or Creation
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Consider we live our lives in one of two states. 

 Addiction or Creation.

Are you clinging to life or creating it?

Check out today's quick episode of The Krissy Krash Podcast.

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Krissy Krash Podcast 050 Addiction or Creation

What's up my friends, Krissy Krash here with another mini little solo podcast coming at you on a Monday. And today I wanted to talk about the two states that we are always in. 

We are always in, in my opinion, one of these two states and that's addiction or creation now. Now by addiction, I don't necessarily mean addiction to like a chemical substance, like drugs or alcohol and by creation, I don't necessarily mean, you know, painting on a canvas and, creating beautiful murals or pottery.

But really what I mean is that we're either in a sober state of self-responsible intentional creation of our lives or we can find ourselves in this unconscious, habitual compulsivity, and reaction to craving. And in either one of these states, we're either in something, for example, like, “oh, I can't afford that” or one of “how can I generate the money for the thing that I need?” 

One is very closed off and has no forward motion while the other one is like, “how can I actually create the things that I want in my life?” Maybe we're in a state of like, “oh, my spouse is the problem. It's all their fault.” Or we're in this state of, you know, “how am I contributing to this? How is what I'm experiencing in my relationship, the exact thing that I've invited in, or have even craved on some level, how am I benefiting from this thing that I'm telling myself that I don't want?”

We're either in a state of, “I hate how my life is going and I can't see a way out.” Or we're in one of really thinking, “clearly some part of me is asked for what I'm living and I'm ready to be done with this. I'm committed to creating a new experience of life.”

The thing is, is that we either see ourselves at the mercy of our lives as, victims, or we see ourselves as responsible for our lives and are then in the position to do something about shifting it. And so, the strategy of addiction, the strategy of being at the mercy of our lives, it really leads to self-perpetuated misery.

Whereas when we, see ourselves as the artists and the creators of our lives, it leads to peace, love, joy, and abundance. Right? And so, it's important that we remember that we can either choose to stay clenched for as long as there's a part of us that is getting some sort of payoff from the addictive side of us, whether that’s numbing something out or not having to take responsibility. There's a payoff that we're getting even inside of our own misery. And then when there's no longer any payoff there, we can unclench and see a new way. And so, it's quite binary. It is very one way or the other.

We're either tightening and collapsing and contorting and pretending we're helpless in this whole thing that we call our lives, or we can relax. We can soften, open, and really position ourselves towards self-responsibility and creation. I really just invite you to consider, you know, where in your life are you living in a reactive state?

Where in your life are you living in the addiction of playing out dramas, numbing, things out, not wanting to handle and face your life, and what's the opportunity there? Where can you take even just a little bit of responsibility and start to create from that? Because while you can't control others around you where you are right now may not be your fault.

There is the option to take responsibility for where it's going from here on out. What choices are you going to make? Where are you going to say? If it's gonna be it's up to me, where are you going to let go of the blame and fault of others and take control of your life? Because it's Monday. And Monday often finds people in one of two places.

Either this message doesn't resonate for you because awesome. Your life is already in your control. You're moving on an amazing basis forward. 

Or maybe you're hearing this and you're like, oh, I am at the effect of my life. Everything in my life feels like it's someone else's fault. I'm always blaming someone else. It's never me. I feel like everything's out of control. 

Then it's a space to really ask yourself: where can I just take a little bit of responsibility? What's the payoff that I'm getting from staying in these addictive behaviors and these addictive thought patterns and clenching and cringing, like there's, what is the payoff that you're getting from that? Where are you able to shirk your responsibilities and then get to feel better about the fact that you don't have to take it on, but notice the impact that you're having on your life by doing so? By feeling out of control by feeling at the mercy of the world. 

And so on a Monday, it's a great day to ask yourself, where can you start to creatively create your life?

Where can you start to take responsibility? 

Where can you start to ask yourself if I could have it anyway, how would I want it to be and it's not that way because of someone else, but it's going to be the way I say it is in the future. 

Because I'm gonna take the responsibility. 

I love you, happy Monday or whatever day you happen to be listening to this podcast.

And remember that life is a contact sport. She who touches the most lives wins