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How To Stop Dating The Wrong People With Uma Kangai

March 09, 2022 Krissy Krash Episode 47
The Krissy Krash Podcast
How To Stop Dating The Wrong People With Uma Kangai
Show Notes

"Why do I always end up with people like THAT?"

We have all said it at one point or another. It haunts the lives of some of us more than others.

But did you know that it might not be THEM but rather it's YOU?

Don't take that the wrong way. It is actually a good thing because it means that YOU can CHANGE YOU and finally find the kind of love you are looking for.

Check out this amazing conversation I had with Uma on the Krissy Krash Podcast HERE

Uma is a Conscious Dating & Self Love Coach. Her business and passion is assisting women in their love life who've had a past of toxic/abusive relationships and find themselves secretly wondering whether love is meant for them because they find themselves stuck in a cycle of always attracting the *wrong* people and feeling doomed in their love-life...

She combines Matchmaking wisdom with Inner Child Work and Intuitive Self Love Coaching to help her clients do the inner work to embody their *Diamond* Self Worth, empower their Self Concept in Love and be their own best Matchmaker, to start attracting High Quality, Healthy, Dream Love & commitment.

You can connect with UMA here:


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